Thursday, May 21, 2009

Artist retreat

Being on the island is a unique experience every day. It’s not just the fact that we are someplace new to us but it is truly different than the mainland. It almost feels like we are in another country.

Life seems so simple here on the island. There are only three communities. We are in Ewell, which has a population of about 200, and everyone seems to know everyone else. It is almost like living in a different time and age.

As Bernie works on the house she has found some interesting challenges and unique characteristics of this house, which was built in 1901. The house has been remodeled several times and this makes it interesting to see what's around the next corner.

Because the house dates back to when people had outhouses, originally this house had no bathrooms. Now it has one and a half bathrooms. There is a full bathroom on the first floor where a long hallway used to be, and part of it is under the staircase. In the half bathroom upstairs there is an old glass door as a wall between the staircase and the bathroom so natural light still shines through.

This house will be an artist retreat so Bernie must think outside the box when figuring out how to do regular things like hanging doors and medicine cabinets.

The house has plenty of unique touches. There is plexi glass and a window as a shower wall. The fireplaces have been plastered over. The lathe has been left bare to show all the different textures of the walls and ceilings.

The house is interesting, the weather is perfect, the people are friendly, and we are glad and grateful to be here.

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