Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Beatles

After getting milk and the Sunday paper at Walmart we were ready to go. We drove east about an hour to Kalamazoo MI. First we went to the visitor center in downtown Kalamazoo. The center was closed and so was most of the town.

We then went to Kindleberger Park in Parchment MI, about five minutes away. In summer there are free concerts at the park every Sunday and lucky for us, today’s concert was a tribute to the Beatles.

We got there extra early and got a great parking spot. While waiting for the concert to start, Mar read the Sunday paper and looked online for things to do in Michigan, while Bernie worked on the new jewelry she’s creating.

The concert started at 6:30 pm and there were lots of people. The group is called Shout and they are very good, they even dress like the Beatles and have the same haircuts. The concert was fun, there was crowd participation and we even got up to dance.

After the concert we left Parchment and drove east another hour and a half to Ann Arbor MI. We listened to our Beatles cd while driving and sang along to pass the time. When we got to Ann Arbor it was already late. We found the Zingerman Bakeshop and parked there for the night.

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