Thursday, July 02, 2009

Burger and no salsa

Today we awoke in this tiny village with the cutest streets. The downtown is so very quaint, with beautiful buildings in older styles but with fresh coats of paint and lots of greenery. The streets are brick and the whole town makes you feel as if you've stepped back in time.

First we went to visit The Sanctuary of Nancy Noel, housed in a beautiful old church. Every wall is covered with the artist’s paintings, her specialty are portraits of children and animals. They have a restaurant that serves beautifully decorated fine chocolates and desserts.

After taking in the art we decided to walk the streets. It was a slightly chilly day, reminding us of fall weather, which makes it perfect for walking around town. We saw several small shops and then stumbled upon a coffee house.

We went in to check it out and were pleasantly surprised to find out it was their happy hour. We were able to try two different iced coffees for the price of one. We got one eagle mocha and one regular mocha. They were both very good and refreshing.

On our way back to Bella, Bernie spotted an art gallery and decided to peak in. Salem Art Gallery is full of vivid and brilliant colors that just seem to take you away to faraway tropical beaches. Bernie spent some time talking with the couple who run the shop, Bob and Lanita Salem.

Then we left Zionsville and drove southeast for two hours to Cincinnati OH. We headed to Terry's Turf Club for the best burger in Ohio, according to the Food Network Magazine.

When we got there the line was out the door. It was almost 8 pm and when we asked how long the wait would be, they said at least an hour. We decided to wait. We figured if the locals are willing to wait for this burger, we must be in for a real treat.

We sat outside to wait. To help pass the time we sipped a Margarita while shelling peanuts. Terry’s Turf Club is a small place, with seating for only 40 people. An hour later, we got to our table.

With peanut shells all over the floor and neon lights blinking away on every wall, we placed our order for a burger with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and a wine and mushroom sauce. We were already being bad so we decided to forgo the fries.

The place was so crowded and the noise level so loud, it was really hard to carry on a conversation. We were starving by the time our burger came. This is one big burger, and not the greatest but it was pretty good. We don't think we would wait two hours for it again.

It was just past 10 pm when we left there. We drove ten minutes to Fountain Square in downtown to see if we could catch at least the end of the salsa concert there tonight. As we drove by we got to listen to the last song of the night.

We decided go to the Staples parking lot for free wi-fi. On the way there, we passed a bookstore with free wi-fi so we stopped there instead and parked for the night.

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