Monday, July 27, 2009


We had fun playing tourists today in Ann Arbor MI. We took the tour of Zingerman’s. First we checked out their bakeshop and creamery, which are next door to each other. At the bakeshop we sampled the sour cream coffeecake (their best seller) and the Summer Fling Coffeecake, with lime and coconut. They were both pretty good but too sweet for our taste. At the creamery we sampled the fresh mozzarella cheese. Mar found it delicious but Bernie didn’t like it.

Zingerman’s has a passport for their tour. By collecting signatures on the passport at their four locations, you get a free Zingerman’s tshirt. So we headed to downtown to complete our passports at their restaurant and deli.

Once we had our new tshirts we went to explore downtown Ann Arbor. This is a delightful town. We found Braun Court, with little shops surrounding a courtyard with tables under the shade of trees. Here we went to Common Language, a very cool bookstore where we had a nice chat with the manager. Mar found an anklet here she really liked. She’s been searching for one for a while and finally found the right one.

Across the street, we went to Kerrytown, a unique collection of shops in a three story building. There was a paper shop with beautiful hand made papers and a fresh market with all kinds of goodies. Upstairs there is a store called “Found”, where they sell interesting art made from found objects.

We had dinner at CafĂ© Habana. Bernie had the Cuban sandwich and Mar had the Media Noche. We both agreed that Mar’s sandwich was better. We were just glad to have found this place and be able to eat Cuban food again, it’s been a while.

On the way back to Bella we saw a really cute cake shop and went in. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the owner has been on the Food Network Challenge several times. We got two cupcakes to go, one chocolate on chocolate and one malted chocolate. Unfortunately we were a little disappointed with the cupcakes. They were a bit dry and not very

After that we hit the road again. We drove east about 45 minutes to Detroit MI. We found a Walgreens where got a movie from RedBox and parked for the night.


Get Informed said...

We just recently came across your blog - love it. We are a couple from Alabama and will be fulltiming in a class c fourwinds ourselves beginning Sep 23.
How are you guys watching movies without shorepower? Do oyu have solar or using gen set. Just wondering. Our e-mail:
Happy travels
Brent and Tammy

Mar and Bernie said...

Brent and Tammy,

We are so happy you found our blog, thanks for letting us know.

We don't have solar (we do want solar really bad, just haven't been able to afford it) and we try to never use our generator. It's too noisy and smelly, and uses up the gas that we need for traveling :-)

To supply us with electric, we added four 6v batteries to Bella and an 1800w inverter. It's the best thing we ever did.

When the batteries are fully charged, we watch DVDs on the tv and dvd player. When the batteries are getting low, we watch DVDs on our laptops.

Keep in touch and best of luck on your future adventures!

Mar and Bernie

Christina said...

Don't know where you are headed next but I came across this-don't remember where- thought you might be interested....
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
The museum contains items of magic, neon, antiques, posters, airplanes, robots, animation, and all sorts of odd and unusual coin operated games.
31005 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan
(248) 626-5020
Type of Admission: Free
Please Note: Admission fees and operating hours are subject to change. Other fees (like parking) may be charged. Always call ahead before making your visit.

See you soon,
God Bless,

Mar and Bernie said...

Thank you Christina, that sounds good.