Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gangster watch

Today was a fun day and the weather was marvelous. We left the campground and headed into town. In true tourist fashion we visited what we could that was free.

First we went to Yoder's Meat & Cheese Company of Shipshewana IN. They have a huge assortment of Amish cheeses, meats, and other products. We got some really good sliced turkey for sandwiches. Tasting all the cheese was fun again today because we love cheese.

Then we went to the Courtyard of Arts. This courtyard is nestled amongst other businesses, some of which were closed on this Saturday afternoon. The gardens and the outside of the shops make this quite an adorable place.

Next we walked down the block to the old fashioned ice cream social at the Blue Gate. The ice cream was home made vanilla and you could watch them make it. The street was closed to traffic where they had live music, games, pony rides, and carriage rides.

After our ice cream we drove to Goshen IN and found the South Side Soda Shop, featured in the Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Bernie had the cheese steak sandwich and Mar had the veggie sandwich, both were nicely done.

We also got a mug of chili to try it because it was on the show. The chili was good and meaty, but a bit too spicy for us. They bake their own Limpa bread, we liked the texture of the bread but the flavor was a bit too unusual.

Driving back we saw on a corner of Main Street a tower post where police used to keep watch for gangsters coming to rob the banks on the opposite three corners. It is located right in front of the courthouse.

After that we went to Walmart to park for the night and got a couple of movies from RedBox.

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