Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Movie special

We went to Curves today and spoke with the owners who were very helpful and answered all our questions. They spent a lot of time explaining how things work and how things are done at Curves. It was very helpful information and much needed advice. We just need to figure out how to make it work for us on the road.

The Curves we went to is located at 4479 Far Hills in Kettering, OH, just outside Dayton OH.

To escape the heat, this evening we found a movie theater that has a Tuesday special and all movies are $1.75. At that price we decided on two, which took up our evening and the warmest part of the day. www.danbarry.com

Then we found parking in an empty lot across from the movies and stayed for the night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gals- I LOVE your blog, and I admire you both for going on this amazing journey, and sharing it with all of us in cyberspace. I need to let you know, though - it's great you want to join a gym but you may want to consider a place other than Curves. The founders of the organization are conservative right-wingers, and regularly support (with significant funds) anti-gay and anti-feminist actions, including putting a lot of $$ behind pro-life legislation (outlawing womens rights) and fighting the passage of gay marriage at state & federal levels. Just in case you weren't aware of their politics, I thought I should share this info with you. You might want to look into the YMCA/YWCA Organization - I think they have a membership option that allows you to use any of their facilities nationwide, and they usually have at least one in every major town.
Best of luck with your ongoing journey! ...and again, thanks so much for sharing. Namaste!

Mar and Bernie said...

That is very important to us so thank you for letting us know, we had no idea.