Friday, July 03, 2009


We spent a wonderful, relaxing day in the parking lot of the plaza where we found the Joseph Beth Bookstore. The bookstore itself was amazing and so pretty. It is a huge store, with all kinds of great things to look at, not just books. We spent quite some time just looking around this store.

Then Mar went back to Bella to do her computer work while Bernie went to explore the rest of the plaza.

When Bernie got back we decided to hit the road. Just as we left there we spotted a Bonefish Restaurant, which is where Mar had wanted to go for her birthday dinner but we could not find one before. We decided to go to this one because we have been wanting to eat more fish. The food was amazing in a great atmosphere, and it was very nice to just sit and relax.

When we left there we drove north about half an hour to Lebanon OH. As we were driving we got to see several fireworks along the way.

In Lebanon we stopped at Walmart to pick up some things. Then we decided to just get a movie from RedBox and stay in the Walmart parking lot for the night. We sat and watched the fireworks in the distance here too.

The weather has been wonderful lately, we have not needed the AC at all. There has been a slight cool breeze during the days and at night there is a bit of a chill in the air.

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