Friday, July 10, 2009

Cooling off

Bernie spent today weeding out a vegetable garden for Julie. It took pretty much all day.

Mar did the laundry today. She found a tv in the house where she could watch her favorite channel, the Food Network, and disappeared for most of the day.

When Bernie was almost done with the garden, Mar picked up a pitchfork to help her finish up.

When the job was done and they were all sweaty and tired, they sat down by the pool, stuck their feet in the water, and had a margarita to cool off.

Later Julie and her nephew knocked on Bella’s door. Bernie sat outside with them as they talked about RVing and all kinds of things.


Anonymous said...

Guess we'll have to start calling you "Blister", Mar. You know... shows up after the work is done!

I really enjoy ya'll's blog, and continue to be amazed at how you manage to find such interesting diversions and fit them into your days.


Mar and Bernie said...

Call me Blister :-P !!