Monday, July 06, 2009

Clifton Gorge

We woke today in our secret garden with the sound of silence all around us. After our cup of coffee we started getting ready to go.

Cheryl asked Bernie to show her how to use her propane camping stove and how to set up her tent by herself. Then David and Cheryl gave us some items from their garage sale, including a toaster oven. It takes up most of our counter space but may be more useful to us than the propane stove.

We were finally ready to say goodbye. We climbed in Bella and were off to see Clifton Gorge at John Bryan State Park, about twenty minutes away.

We found the stairs down to the gorge and hiked for about an hour along the river. This is a beautiful, peaceful place. We found our way to a spot near the river where Mar sat for a rest while Bernie explored the water.

After this we drove another twenty minutes to go see the Meyers Medical Clinic in Dayton OH, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There was no mistaking his building, it bore many typical characteristics of FLW’s designs. We enjoyed identifying some of those, such as his use of horizontal lines, glass corners, and geometric shapes and angles.

Next we decided to find a gym because we want to start working out. This will be good for Bernie's cholesterol and for us in general. We found a local gym where Bernie got a guess pass, used a couple of the machines, and took a shower.

Next we located a Curves nearby. It was already closed so we parked there for the night, and will check it out tomorrow.

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