Monday, July 20, 2009

The walk and the fair

When we left Walmart today we headed to Wakarusa IN for the Waky Walk. The walk takes you through this small, friendly downtown while stopping at different locations.

Our favorite stop was the Dime Store, which is known for its jumbo jelly beans. We got to see their giant jelly bean quilt and Mar got a bag of assorted jumbo jelly beans for her daughter, who loves jelly beans. Jane rang up the purchase and Jen wrapped the package with great care. Mar went to the post office across the street to mail it right away.

Then we went to check out the ‘wall of drawers’ at the hardware store, where the gentleman said most people around those parts have remained loyal customers. The big hardware mega stores have not affected this small hardware store. Then we walked to the jewelry store where we talked with the owner for some time.

We made our way up and down streets that seemed like from another era. We found the lovely garden quilt and a beautiful mural on the wall, both part of the Quilt Gardens Tour.

We made another stop at the Dime Store. Bernie told Jen and Jane all about our trip and they were very enthusiastic listeners, with lots of questions and suggestions. When Jen heard we were not going to the fair because of the price of the tickets, she gave us two free tickets. Lucky for us she had extras and we were so grateful!

We then headed to the Elkhart County 4H Fair, the second largest in the country! Once there we wondered around from booth to booth and in and out of livestock showrooms. We saw Miss America riding on an old fashioned fire wagon pulled by 6 draft horses. We saw the rides but were too chicken to ride any of them.

Then we decided we could make an exception to our healthy eating plan and had fried dough with powered sugar. Our feet were sore and our tummies full when we left. Thank you Jen so much for the fun evening!

We then made our way to Elkhart IN, where Bernie was born. She is excited to be here. We found the Burton-Upon-Trent Park and parked for the night.

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