Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quilt gardens

When we first arrived in Northern Indiana a couple of days ago, our first stop was the visitor center where we picked up a free two cd set about the Heritage Trail.

The cd covers 90 miles of a nationally recognized scenic route through Amish country. Along this trail, the Quilt Gardens Tour can be found this time of year.

Which is what we’ve been doing the past couple of days: listening to the cd, learning about the area and its history, and stopping at several places where either flower gardens or murals on the sides of buildings have been turned into replicas of gorgeous, colorful quilts.

It has been a fun way to see more of the Indiana countryside, with the farmhouses lining the roads, the high corn stalks, the beautiful prairies, and the smell of cows. Yes, the smells are included too.

Along the way we shared the road with many of the Amish who live in the area. We have seen lots of buggies with horses parked in parking lots. We even saw a husband asleep at "the wheel" of his buggy while he waited for his wife and children who were shopping.

The Quilt Gardens Tour includes 16 quilt gardens and 16 quilt murals in seven communities. It has been a wonderful and rewarding scavenger hunt.

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