Sunday, October 05, 2008

A bigger ferry

We woke up to a beautiful ocean, we were parked right next to the water. Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining but the wind was cool enough to keep you from getting too hot. Bernie went out to explore the island a little. Then we both went to watch the wind surfers.

On our way out of the island we stopped to dump and filled up our fresh water tank. While driving we saw a group of wild ponies, then right before we got to the exit, there was a lone pony eating grass by the side of the road. We parked right next to it and it didn’t even move, it was almost like a magical experience.

Then we drove to Lewes DE about an hour away, where we took the ferry to Cape May NJ. This ferry was much bigger than the other ferries we have taken. It was not as packed, there was plenty of room.

However the ocean must have been choppy because we were rocking. Neither of us thought we could handle it. We went upstairs to check out the facilities and hoped we would feel better up there. It didn’t seem to help much, it was hard to even walk straight.

We found a tv and sat down to watch some very interesting news stories on 60 Minutes. It helped to actually focus on the tv and we felt better.

When we got to NJ it was already nighttime so we found the closest Walmart where we purchased some groceries and then parked for the night.

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travelin said...

hello, glad to hear you are getting everything set the way you need it.. last i heard you were planning to stay north? have your plans changed? where you headin next? diane