Saturday, October 04, 2008


Last night we had found the perfect parking spot, right across the pavilion where the Hispanic Heritage Celebration would be held today. Back home this festival is a huge one, they block off several streets downtown for a whole day. We hoped the Portsmouth celebration would be just like that.

However our hopes were crushed when we entered through the chain link fence and saw just a few food carts and some sponsor tables. We turned around, went right back to the ticket booth and asked for our money back. They gave us some trouble at first but in the end we did get our money back. What a disappointment that was.

The weather is nice, it is much warmer here. The sun is shinning and we can even wear shorts again.

We left Portsmouth and drove about half an hour towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. This is a 23 mile long bridge, with two tunnels and four man-made islands, that took us to the Delmarva Peninsula. Bernie had not been since she was a small child. Along the bridge we stopped at the fishing pier. No one caught anything while we were there so we have no exciting pictures.

After the bridge we headed to Assateague Island, where we saw deer, bunnies, two of the famous wild ponies, and even several crabs, including one on the sidewalk that was pretty far from the water. We read online that you can stay on the beach here which is open twenty-four hours. But we couldn't figure out how to get on the beach because by the time we got here it was already after dark. So we found a spot to park and hope to explore the area tomorrow.

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