Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Change of plans

We slept in today which is easy to do when it’s so cold outside, and good earplugs help too. When we got up we went to the post office to get Mar's mail, which her daughter forwarded to the general delivery here.

On our way there we were amazed by how beautiful it is here in CT. The trees along the sides of the road have the most astonishing colors, every shade of yellow, orange and red, bright and beautiful. It is a pleasure just to drive and see the changing of the leaves. At the post office, while Mar went in to get her mail, Bernie gathered some leaves to send back home to family.

Then we headed to a laundromat. We have not been able to do laundry since our first day in Ptown, which makes it almost two weeks. With both of us working there, and the clothes that Bernie’s mom sent her, and the sheets, blankets and towels, we had to do eight loads of laundry today! Thankfully this laundromat had reasonable priced washers and good, quick dryers.

Afterwards we headed to the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino. We wanted to take a look at it. It was truly a sight to behold. It is impeccably done in an assortment of beading made into light fixtures and decorative accents everywhere. There are several glass cave like structures. One is built so that you can actually walk up through it and into a bar on the third floor. Above the bar is a planetarium, which shows a lighted picture of the night sky using fiber optics. It was awesome to sit, look up, and watch the “stars”.

We thought we’d only be here for one day but we found out tonight that Robin Williams will be here this weekend, performing on his Weapons of Self Destruction Tour. Bernie has decided this is what she wants for her early birthday present, so we are going to stick around to see Robin Williams.

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