Sunday, October 26, 2008

Second birthday present

What an experience! We saw Robin Williams tonight. This is part of Bernie's early birthday present. Her birthday is on November 9 but this was something she wanted to do and we decided what better time to do it than the present.

Robin was funny, sometimes laugh out loud funny, really funny. The show was at the Mohegan Sun arena, the place was huge and it was packed. Robin was entertaining and it was a treat to see him.

But we don't think we will spend money to go see any more shows like this. The humor, for us, did not measure up to the price of the tickets. Bernie was very excited when she got out of there though, she was all revved up and ready to become the next stand up comic sensation!

After the show we had a slice of pizza for dinner at the food court and then back to Bella. We are still trying to figure out our new inverter and batteries, and our problems with the new system. Not having it work properly has been very draining and frustrating for us. All this and we still have to use the generator when we boondock … bah humbug!

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Maine Pirate said...

happy early b-day to bernie. mine is 11-10 so we will have to celebrate again if we ever meetup on the road or in gulf shores.
i hope you're writing down all the issues with your inverter, so you can tell CW what the problems are. maybe there is some on-line help from CW you could get.
yankee pirate