Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ptown here we come

We got up and got ready to leave. We are headed for Provincetown MA for Women’s Week. We drove about an hour and a half to get there. Once there we found it very hard to maneuver through town. These streets are tiny and narrow. Every building, everything is right next to each other. You can hardly tell one building from the next. After going around in circles a few times we found our destination, The Pilgrim House.

This hotel has a club called Vixen. The club’s manager was awesome and gave us both jobs for Women’s Week. The best part is that she petitioned her boss for us to stay in their very small parking lot behind the hotel. Parking is very hard to find in Ptown. He was gracious enough to say yes. It took some time but we finally maneuvered Bella into a very tight corner, we parked as close as possible to the back corner to be out of the way. We are not level at all though but as long as we sleep with our heads above our feet we should be fine.

Next we set out on foot to explore the area. After walking several blocks and checking out the town we headed back to Bella for dinner and rest.


Ms Southwind said...

Have you gals thought of getting a 4x6 and cutting it into 4 pieces to use for leveling? Ms. Southwind doesn't have any jacks and that is what is used under her tires to help with leveling. It works great for Ms. Southwind, you should try it for Bella.

Also i have a question, do you have a aircard for internet or do you depend on free wifi?

squawmama said...

Hi was looking for blogs about people traveling in RV's and stumbled across your blog... I am going to follow you so I can see where you go. To find out what is good and what is not... Come over and visit me... We have been fulltiming for 5 years.. we stay in Florida during the winter and then go where ever the road takes us during the summer...