Friday, October 17, 2008

Cold and colder

It is getting quite cold here. Not exactly surprising but still a bit hard to get used to. The sun was out today, which was nice, while we walked up and down Commercial Street handing out flyers for the shows. There were good crowds at all the shows today and the tips were good. But we’re just not sure about this regular work thing, can’t say we like it. We definitely make more with Bernie’s handyperson work and enjoy it more. We do like helping out and being there for the performers. There is always something they need or something to do.

Today was the last show for KISS. Tomorrow we won't have to flyer for them and Bernie won’t have to work the 4:00 pm show anymore. In a way it’s sad but we are kind of ready for the week to be over and to get back on the road.

After the last show tonight, we went to get nachos for dinner and then went to Spiritus for dessert. They make the best brownie sundaes. It is a neat place with cool artwork and other things to see. It's also the only place that's open late, so that's where everyone goes.


Anonymous said...

Working a few hours a night may not be big $$ in the hand but staying anywhere in P-Town during Women's week is $150+ a night. Your benefit was parking on someones property and living in your unit for free. I guess Walmart parking lots have more to offer?

Mar and Bernie said...

We are VERY grateful to have been here in Ptown. And especially for Women's week. We have absolutely no regrets and are so happy to have shared it with so many wonderful people.

jan said...

When you get to NYC, look us up. We are in Jersey about 15 min. west of Manhattan. We'd love to meet you. I follow your blog faithfully.

Mar and Bernie said...

Thanks Jan, we should be in NYC soon and would love to meet you too. We are so glad to hear you enjoy the blog. Please send me an email at