Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goodies in the mail

Today we headed to the post office so we could get Bernie's package. Bernie was very excited when she found there were two packages and not just the one she was expecting. Her mom sent all kinds of goodies. Bernie likes to color and play with stuff, anything to keep her busy. She can’t sit still for long so anything to distract her while we are driving is good. Her mom sent her mints and gum too. The box of winter stuff happened to have some black clothing too so Bernie got to wear something different to work tonight.

At work there was a big commotion during the first show because someone passed out. Bernie helped carry the lady out and call 911. After she threw up she woke up and was able to talk. It was scary but everyone was glad she was better.

Even though we are working we are meeting lots of new people and lots of great musicians. After work we went to Spiritus, a pizza and ice cream place. We each had a slice of pizza and then shared a brownie sundae. It was very good. Then we bicycled around town for a while to work it off. It was a great ending to the long day.

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