Monday, October 27, 2008

Driveway campground

We woke up with excitement dripping from our fingers. Today we are on our way to New York City. We drove almost three hours. During the trip, Bernie got out her paints and pencils and painted a landscape picture of beautiful trees in bright fall colors.

We drove straight to Clifton NJ to meet new friends who offered us the use of their driveway. We stopped for gas right before we got there, at $2.49 per gallon.

After meeting Lenny and Janis, we realized we had left our gas cap at the gas station. Since we had already backed Bella up in their driveway and connected the water and electric, Janis drove us to the gas station and on the way, showed us where to catch the bus to NYC.

When we got back we enjoyed a great dinner that Lenny had cooked for us and we had apple pie for dessert that Janis made. We sat around the dinner table getting to know each other, sharing rv stories, and getting advice about what to do and see in NYC.

After dinner, Mar did the laundry in their basement, and we kept an eye on the weather reports to decide when we can go to the city. It’s not looking good so far, tonight it started raining about midnight.

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