Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Today we stayed in most of the day. Then we went back to the Mohegan Sun Casino to purchase our Robin Williams tickets for Sunday. Turns out they didn’t have two seats together anywhere in the arena. So we bought two separate seats on the same row and we hope when we get there, people will be kind enough to move. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Then we had dinner at Margaritaville. It is a really awesome place, the floor is painted as if it is the bottom of the ocean, the music videos are projected onto sails, and there are boats with dinner tables in them. The decor is ocean inspired, truly a cool place to eat or hang out and listen to live music on the weekends.

We walked around this huge resort some more. We saw a 50 foot waterfall which changes colors and the water flows in opposite directions. It was beautiful. We did some window shopping and then we headed back to Bella.

It’s supposed to be really cold tonight, may drop into the 20’s. Wish us luck!

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