Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Low clerance ahead

We drove from one end of Long Island to the other end. We took the parkway towards the ferry. We approached a bridge and saw the clearance was 9'6". We thought we might not make it but we did. Then the next bridge was even lower and again we made it.

The sign for third bridge said the clearance was 7' 7". We didn’t want to risk it. We quickly got off the exit and pulled in to a state park. We spent a half hour there on the laptops and phone trying to find out the height of the rest of the bridges.

We were at our wits end when we saw a police officer drive by. We flagged him down and he was a lifesaver. He was very helpful, checked the directions on our GPS, and told us that we could not go on any parkways in NY, campers are only allowed on highways. Finally someone knew what we needed to do, before we lost our top.

So we continued driving and made it to the ferry, which took us to CT in about an hour and twenty minutes.

Then we drove towards Cape Cod MA. We stopped at the last Walmart before the Cape but it was closed. So we went to the Stop and Shop next door for some groceries and lucky for us, they had a RedBox so we got a movie too.

Then we went back to Walmart and parked for the night.

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