Thursday, October 09, 2008

Flying Bella

Today was a full and crazy day. Elizabeth and Elizabeth, who own a local B&B, knocked on our door. We had been in contact with them online before we got here and they came by this morning just to say hi and meet us.

Then we went to the local thrift shop to see if we could find cheap all black clothing for our gig at the Vixen. We have to wear all black because we are doing security and cocktail waitressing, at night. And during the day we'll be handing out flyers on the street for both the Vixen and Women’s KISS (Kickass Independent Songwriters Showcase).

After this we were lucky enough to get to shower upstairs in one of the rooms of the hotel where we are parked. This was great because a shower with real water pressure means that Mar got to wash her hair.

We are parked at such a steep incline that the fridge won’t work. Even the water pump won’t work unless the fresh water tank is full.

So Bernie tried to level Bella. She was able to get it about four inches off the ground and on the leveling stands when it shifted and fell. Thankfully no one was hurt. Mar was inside and had no idea what was happening. She just felt Bella flying, Bella crashing down. Bernie managed to let go of the jack and jump out of the way. However, one of the stands got caught under one of the tires and it is all bent, it will never be whole again. When Bella fell she ended up about a foot away from where she had been originally.

After this scare we gave up, we decided to leave Bella as is, and use ice to keep our food cold for now. Bernie headed to the hotel basement to fill up containers with ice for our food.

The next thing on our to do list was laundry. We were told there is only one laundromat in town, that a taxi ride there would cost about $5 one way, and that each machine would cost $4-5 each. This definitely doesn’t fit into our budget ….

We remembered that Susan (from KISS) had offered us the use of the washer and dryer at the house she’s renting for the week. We called her and she happened to be nearby, so she and Kristin picked us up and we went to their rental to do our laundry.

While we were there we helped them with some of the preparations for the KISS shows this week, while we did the laundry. When the laundry was done, we thought we’d grab a cab back to the hotel, but Susan and Kristin gave us a ride. And they also lent us a cooler since we have no fridge. It was really awesome of them. Thanks ladies!!

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