Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can you see what I see?

Today was a totally cool day. We went to the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London CT. They have an exhibition there called Games, Gizmos and Toys in the Attic, based on the “I spy” and “Can you see what I see?” children’s books by Walter Wick.

There was information by the author on each of his pictures explaining how he did each shot and how he got his ideas. There were several models set up right next to its picture so you could see exactly how he took the actual pictures in his books. We got to see his large scale photographs, examples of his sets, set ups, and all kinds of props.

When we first got there we were given a “challenge sheet” so we could play I spy along the way. Not only was this an interesting exhibition but watching the people there was fun as well. We saw people of all ages (yes, we weren’t the only adults there) peering at each picture trying to find all of the hidden objects. People came together to help each other locate the hard-to-find ones, or fell silent as to not spoil it for the next person.

Outside the museum there were a couple of really big sculptures where we played I spy too. Can you find Bernie in the picture?

After the museum we drove around Mystic CT until we found a parking spot and then did some exploring around town. It was getting cold and right before it started to rain, we headed back to Bella. Then we drove back to the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort to spend the night.

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