Friday, August 08, 2008


Still raining today. We went to sleep last night and it was raining. We woke up today and it was raining. It looks like it will rain all day. But when it finally let up a little bit, we went out exploring. It was pretty cold today too so we wore our layers.

After walking around the campground for a little while and checking out the restrooms, we came back to our campsite and finally got to meet the members of the RVbuddies yahoo group.

It rained pretty much on and off all afternoon after that. Bernie was able to complete some projects in between. She mended a hole in the back of Bella, dumped the tanks, and then started cleaning Bella.

In the evening it was pretty cold and it was raining again so with nothing else to do, we tried the tv. Only one channel came in and we were lucky it was the channel playing the Olympics.

We were able to watch the opening ceremonies. They were pretty amazing, hope everyone had a chance to see them too.

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