Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beavers hills and magnetic tails

Today we decided to go to Magnetic Hill just outside of Moncton. However, we don’t always go directly to our destination. On the way there, we saw a Salvation Army thrift store having a back to school sale so we decided to stop. When we left there we headed towards Magnetic Hill.

But we didn't get too far. We saw a gas station with water hookups so we stopped to fill up our water tank, and we also needed to buy milk. This gallon of milk is not in a container or bottle, it’s in a bag. A plastic bag, the milk is actually in a bag. Pretty weird.

With our milk in a bag and our fresh water tank full, we hit the road again headed towards Magnetic Hill. But … we saw a liquor store and since we needed beer for the beer bread mix we just bought, we decided to stop in because in Canada, the only place where you can buy liquor or “alcool” is in a liquor store (see pic), they don’t sell it anywhere else. When we came out of the liquor store, we saw a meat store right next door so we went in. This was a real butcher and we bought a couple of pinwheels for dinner. The butcher had this huge thing of meat hanging in the fridge window to cure (see pic).

Next we finally headed for Magnetic Hill. Unfortunately we missed it and kept driving. We saw the sign for the Magnetic Hill Winery and kept going that way hoping to find Magnetic Hill. Instead we found The Prayer Garden. This was a very lovely and peaceful place. The garden has the stations of the cross, each a few feet apart, and at each station is a bench where you can sit to meditate or pray. There is a big beautiful hill covered in colorful flowers and the aroma was absolutely wonderful.

We then turned around and found Magnetic Hill. First we went to the hill and tried it backwards and forwards. It worked both ways, it was equally impressive. Really fun but a little weird to be going uphill backwards in neutral.

Then we went to the Wharf Village next door. Most of the stores were closed by the time we got there but the Beavers’ Tails shop was still open. We had seen them in Montreal but didn’t get to try one so we were extra happy to get one here.

We ordered a chocolate and peanut butter beaver tail, which is a fried piece of flat dough stretched so it looks like a beaver’s tail. Then they load it with all kinds of yummy stuff. The most popular is the cinnamon and sugar beaver’s tail. Mar doesn't like cinnamon, so we picked the next best, chocolate (see pic).

Then we decided to find a laundromat and Mar did the laundry while Bernie fixed dinner. Bernie pulled out the grill and cooked up some fried potatoes and the pinwheels we got at the butcher. They were really good. Then we found a Staples to park for the night, and use their wi-fi before going to bed. Goodnight.

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quite a different Canada than Montreal---ay?
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