Thursday, August 07, 2008

The long and winding road

It was raining when we woke up in Albany NY. We got some groceries at Walmart to get ready for a weekend of camping, and got on the road again.

We drove to Wilmington NY, to the KOA campground in White Mountain, Lake Placid.

Thanks to our GPS we took a couple wrong turns, so it got dark while we were going up this beautiful mountain. It rained the whole way there. We had to go extra slow, but it was a pretty drive, as the mist hung in the air over the mountain tops.

After what seemed like forever, driving miles and miles, up and down hills in the pouring rain and darkness, we finally made it to the park at about 9:00 pm. The front office was still open so we checked in and then went to find our campsite.

It was still raining when we parked, so Bernie put on her rain poncho and went outside to hook up the water and electric, which was pretty much all we could do for now. Everything else will have to wait till the morning. We settled in for the night.

We are here at the KOA for a camping get together with one of our yahoo groups, the RV Buddies, and we can’t wait to meet everyone tomorrow.

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Cedar ... said...

Here's lookin' at you kid! We're right across the way,... the Chalet a-frame. Looking forward to meeting you too! -adk nan