Saturday, August 16, 2008

This way to the Shaker Village

We spent most of today in the Camping World in NH. They had to make several phone calls to the Camping World in VA, where we had the batteries and inverter installed, to figure things out. It was a challenge but at least they were able to solve one of our problems (the new batteries now do charge while we drive) and we’ll have to come back later to solve the other problem (the air conditioner doesn’t work because the whole coach is hooked to the inverter – that will take longer to fix).

When we left Chichester we drove to Meredith NH. It was a lovely drive with gorgeous sights. Honestly, the pictures do no justice to the beauty around us, so I guess you’ll have to take our word for it, or come visit the Northeast.

Along the way we saw a sign that said Shaker Village with an arrow pointing to where to turn. So we turned and went to check it out. When we got there everything was closed, but we were able to park and walk around this charming village, with its beautiful buildings and pristine countryside.

When we got to Meredith we drove around for a bit and found it charming and oh so cute. Then we parked and walked around, while window shopping and people watching.

Then we decided to drive to Moultonborough NH, about 20 minutes away, a drive with more mountains and beautiful surroundings. We went there so we could be near our destination in the morning, the Castle in the Clouds. When we got there, the gate was closed and there was no place to park, so we went back to the only business we had seen on our way up the mountain, and the closest to the Castle. It was a gas station and ice cream shop, and the owner was very kind in giving us permission to park and spend the night there.

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