Friday, August 01, 2008

A better plan

Today we woke up and went into Camping World, after a good night’s sleep.

First they checked the generator to try to figure out why oil is seeping out. Bernie spent a lot of time out there with the mechanics. They couldn’t find anything really wrong with the generator (that is good news) and they think it was just overfilled. They said to keep an eye on it from now on.

Our mechanic was Matt, a really nice guy. He also drilled a hole on the outside near the tv cabinet to install a cable outlet. Now when we stop somewhere with a cable tv hookup, we don’t have to put the cable through the window anymore.

Then we talked about the electrical stuff. We had our books and notes in hand with suggestions and our questions. After a couple of hours we came away with a definite plan and an itemized estimate for the work.

It was too late to do anything else today. If they started the work tomorrow (Saturday), then we would be stuck here on Sunday, waiting for them to finish up on Monday. Instead of doing that, we made an appointment to come back on Monday. We decided this way we could go see Bernie’s aunt in MD, spend a couple days with her, and then come back on Monday to get all the work done. A much better plan.

Next we drove to Rockville MD. The drive was beautiful. We went through the Appalachian Trail and also through West Virginia. We saw many rivers and lovely trees and huge rocks. It was a great drive.

When we got to Aunt Evelyn's house, she was playing bridge, her favorite game, with her in-laws. Mar got to meet them and Bernie got to catch up with them. Then one of Bernie's cousins came over with his two children to say hi.

Later after everyone said their goodbyes and good nights, we sat down to watch the finale of Last Comic Standing, while checking online to see where we want to go in DC. There is so much to do and see, it sounds like we’ll have a full day tomorrow.

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