Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What an interesting morning. We were awakened at 7: 30 am by a loud banging on our door. It was the security guard. He said this was private property and we had to leave. He didn't speak much English so we just said ok, and left. We headed for the grocery store where we had stayed the night before. On the way there we saw a big shopping complex with a big, empty parking lot. On one side was a closed warehouse and on the other a bunch of stores. We thought this would be a good place to park for a little while. We went to the back of the parking lot near the closed warehouse and went back to sleep. A couple of hours later we heard a loud bang on the door. It was another security guard. He didn't speak English either and said we had to leave because this was private property. At this point we gave up. We decided to just get up and head back to the city to find The Underground.

With coffee in hand we headed back, zipping in and out of traffic and looking for French road signs as we drove. We found ourselves in the Latin Quarter. After driving around we wondered why it is known as the Latin Quarter, there was really nothing Latin about it, no Latin food, no Latin stores, we didn't get it.

We continued on and circled around the block over and over and over again, until we found a parking spot so we could go down to The Underground. Lucky for us, a spot opened up right next to a Starbucks. Things were looking up. Bernie's patience was rewarded. We paid the meter, we had to pay for two parking spaces because Bella would not fit in one, and headed to the Metro.

And low and behold in front of our very eyes was a whole mall, all underground. It went for miles and miles. More than we could see in one day. After walking around for a while, we had to get back before the meter ran out. Then we decided it was time, we decided to hit the road and head back to the states. Which state? Vermont is where we’re going next.

We went through customs, uneventfully. We had to answer even less questions this time and nothing was checked. Then we made it to Vermont and Bernie got out and kissed the ground. It is great to be back and know what to expect. We had dinner at Chilli's so we could use our gift card. Then we headed to Walmart, we were home for the night.

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Cedar ... said...

Hey friends,... glad you are back in the US,.. adk nan