Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sixpence none the richer

… another lovely day in NH … we awoke to a brisk breeze and the smell of fall … well, maybe not fall but it sure has been feeling like it lately. Last night the temperature was in the upper forties. Cold! But it was great, especially when we think of our relatives back in Florida. We are feeling truly blessed at the moment.

Last night we had the honor of being visited by a bear. Yes, a real bear. We didn't even know it. We heard rummaging in the dumpster but figured it was either a person or perhaps a cat or dog. When we went into work today we heard all about the bear rummaging in the parking lot last night. We wished we would have thought to look out the window but we didn’t. Not this time. We’ll remember that for next time.

So we went to work again today. The original agreement was for us to work a total of 40 hours. As of today, we only had an hour left to go but when we asked Andy if he wanted us to stop he said he wanted us to keep going until we finish organizing the whole store. He likes our work.

So we plowed on and decided that to make things work, we really needed to rearrange several of the categories and add new categories. So we spent the day taking books off of shelves (instead of out of boxes like the past few days) and moving things around to make everything flow and work better.

And Bernie hopes to fit in the carpentry job at Andy’s house some time this weekend too. So here we are, working in Lincoln NH. Who knew?

This afternoon Andy asked Bernie if she would do some work at the home of one of his customers. Andy introduced them and Bernie lined up this side job for after we finished at the bookstore.

We worked past closing time again and we forgot to eat today! At quitting time we both realized we had worked all day without even a snack. Can you say hungry? We WERE hungry so we went to grab a quick bite to eat and then headed over to the nice lady’s place, who needed help with a wireless phone and a bookshelf.

By the end of the day our feet hurt and our backs hurt and everything hurt. But we now have a new small collection of books, we were able to trade Andy our reserve of books we have already read that we keep to trade at campgrounds and such. We got some really good books today.

When Bernie finished her side job we drove back to our spot behind the bookstore, plugged in the electric, and settled in for the night.

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