Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are now in Canada

Today in Houlton ME we got ready to go. We filled the fresh water tank, we dumped, we got gas, we got groceries, we got bottled water, we got rid of our trash, we did our dishes, we cleaned Bella, and we got an oil change. We were now ready for a foreign country.

We drove three miles north on I-95 to the border, where the nice attendant asked us just a few questions, glanced at our passports, and sent us on our way.

Our first stop in New Brunswick was the visitor center, where we picked up maps and tons of good info, and they gave us a couple of beautiful apples too. The green stuff on the roof of the visitor center is grass. Luscious green grass on top of the roof! (see pic)

We also picked up a bookmark with a very handy conversion chart, so now we have a better idea of how much a liter is, and a kilometer, and celsius degrees, and all that good stuff.

Then we drove about an hour and stopped in the first big town, Fredericton. We drove around downtown and saw the end of a procession of bag pipers. After taking a look around town, we stopped for the night at the fairgrounds or as they call it here, the exhibition grounds. It seems there is a big event coming up this weekend, so there is quite a bit of activity with vehicles entering and leaving constantly. Needless to say, the place is quite noisy.

But we found we could connect to the town's free wi-fi, Fredericton is the first Canadian city to offer city wide free wi-fi and it works really well too.

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Eric (Bernie's brother-in-law) said...

I love that area - if you get a chance, head over Hopewell Rocks!
xoxox Eric