Sunday, August 31, 2008

In search of wi-fi

Today we decided we needed some down time to take care of stuff. Mar worked on her laptop, paying bills and doing some schoolwork, while Bernie baked up a storm. She made beer bread and muffins to last us for days. This took pretty much all day.

When we were ready to go we headed east on 15 towards Bouctouche. Once we got there we checked the town for a place to park with access to wi-fi. It seemed pretty hard to find so we decided to ask around.

We asked in several establishments and each time the reply was something like: "The what? You want to do what? The Internet? We are not allowed to do that here." It felt like we were in the twilight zone. Finally at a gas station, the attendant thought that the visitor center might have wi-fi. We had seen the visitor center while driving around so we went back there.

We found a good place to park for the night in their parking lot once we tested to make sure their wi-fi was working. By then it was pretty late so we decided to have a light meal. We heated up the homemade sloppy joes that Aunt Evelyn had given us to take with us when we visited her. They were delicious, thank you Aunt Evelyn, you saved the day … or night!

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