Monday, August 18, 2008

Off to work we go

First day of our first job on the road. Bernie got up early and went in to work. There were boxes and boxes of books to unpack and place on shelves. Andy told Bernie that Mar could work too. So Bernie texted Mar to let know and Mar got ready and went in to work too.

We spent all day unpacking, sorting, and shelving books. There is so much to do that we'll be back tomorrow again.

This is not your typical bookstore. There are books everywhere, boxes of books everywhere, books left to right, top to bottom, wall to wall. This bookstore is also a coffee bar and in internet cafe. It is a very interesting and cool place.

At the end of the day, Andy let Bernie ride one of the Segways he has for rent. Bernie rode it for about half an hour all over the place, to help Andy advertise it. Then on her way back as she was getting ready to put it away she hit a curb and fell right in front of a car. That was scary, she hurt her knee and it was ugly but other than that she was ok.

A Segway is a personal transporter, it is two wheeled, self-balancing, and you stand on it to ride it. You lean forward to go forward, lean back to go backward, and turn by turning the handlebar left or right. It goes about 20 mph and it is really fun to ride. If you’re ever in Lincoln NH make sure to stop by and rent one from Andy (just don’t hit any curbs :-)

We then got water from the gas station next door to fill up our fresh water tank. They also happen to have a dump station and a place to wash Bella.

Then we drove around to the back of the store, where Andy lent us an extension cord to plug in our electric, for us to spend the night here again so we can go back to work tomorrow.

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