Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All work and no play

Bernie worked all day in the bookstore, from open to close. She worked on the fiction section, which is alphabetized by authors’ last names, starting with the letter “A”, she got through the letter “J” today.

With the fall semester about to start, Mar decided to get some school work done today. She was on her laptop all day today preparing her online classes and getting everything ready for the fall semester.

Andy said that if we can stay long enough, he may actually have other work that needs to be done, like a couple of carpentry jobs for Bernie, at the store and at his house too. We’ll need to figure that out.

Andy was kind enough to lend us a couple of the movies he has for sale in his store, so tonight we got to watch Oceans Thirteen.

We had asked the restaurant next door if we could use their sink to wash our dishes, but instead they washed them for us, they said it would just be easier, so we had our dishes washed in a professional dishwasher. So, so clean.

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