Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The menu planner

We needed some staples, just two or three things. Since we were parked at Walmart, Bernie went in to get them. She came back with a cart full of food. She got inspired and decided on some simple menus we could have while in Canada. She plans to prepare some dinners and then all we have to do is just heat them up.

We left Mexico ME and headed for Houlton ME, where we plan to cross the border to New Brunswick, Canada. According to our GPS, we would be on I-95 in no time. Next thing we know we are driving and driving and driving. Finally we pulled over and checked both the online map and our road atlas. We figured out a very simple route that took us to I-95 in about twenty minutes. This was so frustrating. Our GPS has been nothing but trouble up here in the northeast. It worked fine in the south but now we are tempted to throw her out the window and run her over a few times!

After wasting all that time driving around in circles, we decided we just wanted to get to Houlton without any stops or any more delays, so Bernie made dinner while Mar drove, so we could keep going. Then Bernie went ahead and prepared a few more meals for us to have ready to eat in Canada. All while driving down I-95. That’s how inspired she was by the grocery trip this morning.

We finally made it to Houlton about 10:30ish pm and found the Walmart to settle in for the night.

Tomorrow we shall be in Canada!!

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