Monday, August 25, 2008

Fridge less

First on the agenda today was the Flume Gorge. We had to backtrack a couple of miles because Bernie, the navigator, missed it on the map yesterday. The Flume is a beautiful example of what mother nature can do. As gorgeous as this place is, it is definitely not recommend for anyone who is not physically active, or anyone who is not at least moderately active … or anyone who sits in an rv all day … like some people who shall remain nameless ...

You start with a 10 minute hike uphill just to get to the base. We took the (optional) bus there just to save some walking. Once there, there is another short hike to get to the Flume, and then there are the stairs. You climb stair after stair, going up and up, with rushing water only a few feet away. You can turn around and see how far you have gone and then look up and see how far you have to go. At each bend is another fantastic view, the rocks, the water, the unique vegetation, the sky, the fresh smell in the air…

Once at the top we took a few minutes to look around and enjoy the waterfall before heading back down. Even being careful it is so steep that we slid a few times. It is a thirty minute walk back down to where the bus picks you up again (optional bus ride, you can hike back, we took the bus :-)

And we had to pay for all this walking! We actually bought a discount pass that included the Flume and the funicular we rode to the top of Cannon Mountain yesterday.

When we got back to the parking lot we discovered our refrigerator was not working. We figured it must not have been working for some time because nothing was cold at all. Not another problem!

Bernie tried everything she could think of to fix it but couldn't figure it out. We decided to go to the nearest town hoping to find some help. But there are no big towns around here. We saw mostly just hotels and restaurants, and most were closed. We were driving around Twin Mountain and we were told that to find a refrigeration person, we would have to go to Littleton. So off we went.

Once in Littleton, a very cute town, we asked around and couldn’t find anyone to help. By this time some of our food had gone bad and our patience was wearing thin. Bernie decided to try again and somehow she got it working again. The problem seems to be related to our newly acquired inverter. It’s a good thing Bernie kept trying. Yeah Bernie!

In the area we saw a laundromat and a Walmart so we decided to stay in Littleton and get our laundry done. Afterwards, we parked at the Walmart for the night.

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