Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another day another dollar

We worked in the bookstore all day today, there is so much to do but working with books is so much fun. Every box, every shelf, is like a treasure hunt.

This is not the right job for Mar, who wants every other book she looks at ... but we live in an RV after all, so library space is limited ... sigh ...

Back to the fiction section where today we worked the letters: "J" through "U".

The store usually closes at 6 pm but it was so busy, so many people coming in and out, we actually worked until 8 pm. Can you say exhausted? We were exhausted!

We had seen the ad for the Gypsy Cafe, which happens to be within walking distance. The ad included their menu. When we saw they have hummus and falalel, we decided to give them a try. Their hummus was very good and their falalel is pretty unique with chickpea croquettes. The food was excellent. With full tummies, we walked back to Bella and settled in for the night. Tonight we watched the movie Wild Hogs.

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