Sunday, August 24, 2008

The face on the mountain

We decided to leave today. It was hard to go because Andy and his family have been so wonderful to us and their place is so beautiful … but the road was calling and we had to follow.

We had such a spectacular day today. Leaving Lincoln, we drove north on 93 in the White Mountains. The views were incredible. First we went to The Basin. The water was crystal clear and absolutely freezing. As we walked along Bernie did her investigating, going in and out of the water. Then the water called to Mar too and even she had to try it out. Everyone who was there just had to stick at least one foot in, the place was so beautiful and the water so tempting. We saw a large group of Orthodox Jewish people of all ages having a grand time in the water, that was awesome.

Then we drove to Cannon Mountain to ride the funicular which takes you from 2000 feet up to 4180 feet. When you get to the top you hike to the observation deck where you can see not only NH but also all the way to Canada, Vermont and Maine. That was beautiful … it was also VERY cold up there!

After that, a little farther down the mountain, we went to the observation point for where The Old Man in the Mountain used to be. The place is Profile Lake and it is absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful. The water is very shallow and crystal clear. We sat down on the huge rocks next to the water, to watch the scenery and some guys who were there fly fishing. The sun was on its way down so it was too cold to put our feet in the water by then.

When we left there we headed out to find a place to get propane. On the way we also got to see the Indian Head, another face on another mountain, this one really does look like the profile of a Native American face with a Mohawk.

Then we found a place to get propane and afterwards landed on a dirt road in the woods to park for the night. This “road” is the parking lot for the trail that goes up the Indian Head mountain. We are hoping this will be a quiet place in the morning so we can get some sleep, and Bernie is hoping to at least see a bear.

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