Friday, September 12, 2008

Adieu Canada

After 15 days in the Maritimes, Canada, we decided to return to the states today.

This morning it was a chilly 39 degrees and it felt like it in the rv. We woke up super early because we were FREEZING. Having spent the night right next to the ocean, we had a beautiful view outside our window this chilly morning.

Bernie decided to do the dishes outside before we left. She went down to the water’s edge and cleaned our pots and pans. There was a sign on a nearby telephone pole that said not to eat the shellfish from this spot as they may be contaminated. So we know we must wash our dishes again before using them, at least the stuck on food is gone. Then Bernie went for a walk on the beach to take some pictures. It was too cold for Mar to set foot outside.

When we were ready to go we drove towards the border, St. Stephens on the Canada side, and Calais on the US side. There was a long wait, this border crossing was very busy today. When it was our turn, we handed over our passports, answered a few questions, and were sent on our way. The whole thing took less than five minutes.

Then we headed towards Bar Harbor. We wanted to stay near the coast, so we took the coastal highway 1. This is a very narrow two lane road, with lots of curves and hills, and the road is in really bad shape. We shook and rattled all the way, and most of the time you can't even see the coast.

Once we got to Bar Harbor we headed for a restaurant called Jordan Pond House in the Acadia National Park. We had been told this place is famous for their popovers so we had to try them. We ordered the lobster dinner. You have to have lobster in Maine, of course. Everything was delicious.

After dinner we left the park and went back to downtown Bar Harbor. We found the designated rv parking at the end of Main Street, to spend the night.

Once Bella was in place we walked to a nearby restaurant we had seen earlier, we had to check out the menu because the name of the restaurant is Havana. We were hoping for some good Cuban coffee which we haven’t been able to find since coming to the north. Can't even find it in the grocery stores here.

This restaurant did have really good Cuban coffee but the menu is not really Cuban. Mar loves bread and butter with her coffee so we ordered the bread basket and sat on the patio enjoying a great Cuban coffee with delicious bread. It was a lovely little place and the coffee was muy bueno!

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