Friday, September 05, 2008

Life after moose

We were still upset by the moose incident and decided to take it easy today. We figured going to the beach would be ideal. On the map we saw a beach called Five Islands and decided to go there.

But first, we needed some supplies. We did our first grocery shopping in a Canadian grocery store, Sobey's. It was a bit on the expensive side. We didn't even buy milk because it was $7.98 a gallon. Outrageous! We got what we absolutely needed and decided to leave the rest for later.

Today while we drove the smell of the moose was so bad we just couldn’t breathe. There was no way to get rid of the smell, windows up or down, air conditioner on or off. So the only thing we could do was to wear bandanas on our faces to be able to breath. Who knows what the people passing us thought when they saw two people with covered faces driving a smelly rv on the road …

We headed to Five Islands. This is not as easy as it sounds. There aren’t that many road signs here, and the ones we can find are really not that helpful. Bernie asked one lady about this and she said the locals don't use signs, they just drive.

Well we drove right past Five Islands, we couldn’t find any signs. So we decided to stop to ask and the nice people gave us very clear instructions. They said turn down this next road and you’re there. As we drove down this gravel road we noticed plenty of mud and then we noticed the road ended. No sand anywhere, just rocks and mud. Lots of mud.

We were lucky that the guy behind us pulled up and asked if we needed help. We wondered where the beach was and he told us we were there already, but that if we parked there we may get wet when the tide comes in. He suggested we park at the wharf so that we possibly would not get washed out with the tide. We thought that was a really good idea, so we headed to the wharf.

Once we parked, we went to explore. We headed to the bank to take a look at the water. Mar didn’t want to get close but Bernie did and began to sink in the mud. First one foot disappeared into the mud and then as she was struggling to get that one out the other foot went in too, almost up to her knees!

The mosquitoes were plenty and we didn't know how she was going to get out. Mar was very helpful of course. She ran back to Bella and got the camera. But she also got shoes for Bernie, because in order to get out of the mud Bernie had to give up on her shoes. They were suctioned in the mud, gone. The whole thing was a little scary as she was sinking but in the end, everything was ok. We now have one less pair of shoes to carry in the rv.

Next we decided to try the Canadian sangria while Bernie made pinwheels, from scratch, and fried green tomatoes. It was great dinner. The sangria was not something we’d buy again. And this place was absolutely dark and quiet, quite beautiful. This is called boondocking, we boondocked today.

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