Friday, September 19, 2008

Harvard Square

Today we realized we couldn’t wait any longer to get propane, it was getting too low. Turns out we spent over an hour searching for a place to refill our propane tank. We have never had this problem before. When we stopped to ask at gas stations and other places, no one knew where we could go. Someone at Home Depot gave us a couple of suggestions but they didn’t pan out. Just when we thought we would never find propane a car mechanic told us about a place nearby but we only had ten minutes to get there before they closed. We called and they said to come in, we made it there in 7 minutes and finally got propane. Bella has a pretty small tank, it is only nine gallons so it feels like we have to refill it all the time. There are always so many things to do...

Then we headed into Cambridge to go visit Harvard Square. We loved the varied architecture and the people watching. There were waves and waves of people everywhere we went.

Then we went to Newbury Street. It took a while but we finally found parking. It was very cold tonight as we walked up and down the street looking in windows and shops. We had a gift card for Starbucks so we decided to go in. We sat by the window with our coffees and shared a turkey sandwich, while we watched the locals do their Friday night thing. It was a pretty nice evening in a very cool city, vibrant and fun, with lots of crowds and stuff going on.

Then we headed back to Sean’s and Eric’s to have dessert with them. They bought chocolate cake from The Cheesecake Factory. We visited and had some good laughs. Before we left they gave us some food and a ton of stuff for our travels. It was almost like Christmas. This was so nice of them. Thank you guys!!

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