Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good day. Not so good night.

Today was a good day. Mar finally got to sleep in. When Bernie got up she headed to meet the girls to go hiking. Later Bernie worked on Mar’s bike. She needed a little help, but luckily, Luann was ready and able to lend a hand. After they worked on the bike for about half an hour they realized there was an important part missing. So the bike went back on Bella until we can head to a bike store to get the part.

While Mar was still sleeping, Bernie went to explore the woods and found a stream that ran along the campground. She felt content to sit in the sun next to the stream and just listen to mother nature.

After her Zen moment Bernie headed back up to camp. She then worked on Bella, reorganizing stuff, cleaning, and fixing this and that, all kinds of things that are hard to find the time to do because we are never stopped long enough to do it.

In the evening we met the girls for dinner. Bernie ended up at the fire cooking the hamburgers for everyone. There were a couple new arrivals today. Everyone had fun telling stories, talking, joking, and getting to know one another.

After dinner we headed back to Bella and took our showers. Without internet access (of course) we went back to reading. Then Bernie noticed her tooth started hurting. The pain got more intense through the night and it would wake her up from time to time. By the time Mar was ready for bed, Bernie was up and couldn’t sleep any more, so Mar stayed up too. Mar didn’t get any sleep tonight, not a wink. This was not a good night.

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