Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No shower, oh my!

Newport RI has several mansions you can tour, too many for us so we picked just one. We went to see Green Animals because the grounds were the really interesting part. There were acres of beautiful gardens, with flowers, fruits, and vegetables. We picked wine grapes right off the vine. They were really sweet and almost tasted like wine.

We walked through the peaceful gardens looking at the huge topiaries that give this mansion its name. There are lots of topiaries in different shapes like bears, teddy bears, all kinds of birds, a reindeer, a dog, a giraffe, an elephant, a trophy, a chair, a horse with rider, and even a policeman. Then we went through the bamboo maze and played on the swing and rocking horse under a shade tree. This was a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

Then we headed to Mystic CT to see the sailboat Alabama, which is offering free dockside tours. We had never been on a sailboat and exploring the tight quarters was really interesting for us given that we live in an rv full time. This sailboat can hold up to thirty-six people and they don’t even have a shower. They soap up in the ocean and then rinse it off on the boat. And we thought we were roughing it!

As we left we drove the Mystic River Scenic Route on our way to New London CT. There we went to Ocean Beach Park but everything is now closed for the season. Then we parked on the main street leading to the park, right next to the ocean, where we had dinner while listening to the waves. It was too cold to go outside, but we miss the beach so at least getting to see it (and hear it) tonight was good.

Then we drove to Walmart to spend the night and there were three others rv’s already parked for the night when we got there.

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