Friday, September 26, 2008

It rained all day and night

When woke up we went in to Camping World to talk to the service manager. We are back here to try to get the new inverter situation finally fixed once and for all. We talked to him and also to the mechanic who will do the work. They were both really helpful and it seems we’re going to get it right this time. They have to order some parts for us, so we’ll be back next week to get the work done. Stay tuned for the inverter update.

When we left there we drove south on 81 towards Lexington VA. This should have been a two hour trip but as we got close to Lexington, there was an accident on 81 and we sat in traffic for 55 minutes. We moved a whole two miles in that time. And it rained the whole time.

When traffic finally cleared up we found the Walmart in Lexington. The garden department lent us the hose to fill up our fresh water tank, then we went inside to pick up a few things, we got a movie from RedBox, and parked for the night. It rained all night.

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