Thursday, September 18, 2008

Motif Number One

We went to see The Paper House in Rockport MA. It is a house made of newspapers, this house is amazing. It is a small house with only two rooms, a living room and sitting room, there is no kitchen or bathroom. But it is a structure just like a house with doors, windows, walls, and a roof. There is even a fireplace. It is a cute house with a cute stone garden in the front yard. The walls and the furniture are made from newspapers. You would never be able to tell if it was painted, but instead it is shellacked so you can see that it is indeed rolled up newspapers. Very cool. This house is eighty years old and still standing.

Then we went to Bearskin Neck in Cape Ann. This is a tiny section on the water with cute shops and places to eat. Bella hardly fit through the streets they were so tiny. At the end of the street, you are right at the ocean and it is absolutely beautiful. This is the location of the most widely painted coastal shack known as Motif Number One.

Next we headed to Gloucester. We saw beautiful mansions overlooking the ocean and smaller houses that must be at least a hundred years old. Gloucester is where The Perfect Storm was filmed. We saw the monument to fishermen that appeared in the movie. The beach there is a very beautiful place, very peaceful with white sands and a mote around it. A very lovely place.

Afterwards we headed back to Sean’s and Eric's to park for the night. But first we stopped at Home Depot to fill up our fresh water tank and at the grocery store to get milk. There was a RedBox there so we decided to get a movie and tonight we watched Stop Loss.

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