Monday, September 22, 2008

Thames Street

Mar did the laundry today. She is not feeling well, her monthlies have required quite a bit of medication this time around. She rested most of the day but the good thing is that she was able to catch up on her reading.

Bernie worked in Eileen's yard all day. She didn't take a break and just kept working until it got dark. She made some headway and even planted six baby trees.

When Bernie was done, it was already starting to get dark. We said our goodbyes to Eileen and drove to Newport RI, about half an hour away. We found an Irish pub on Thames Street where we shared a cheeseburger for dinner.

We then drove to Walmart to spend the night. This is not a Super Walmart and in fact it was closed when we got there. They closed at 10 pm.

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Cheers said...

I was wondering if you have figured out what your average monthly cost has been for your trip? I am wanting to take my own trip but will likely be by myself and was wondering how expensive it can be and if I can afford it, what areas I could cut back on that sort of thing. Thanks for the input. I have really enjoyed reading your posts each day and can't wait to hit the road myself but just wish I had someone to share it with and the expenses.