Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nine Eleven

It was so cold this morning, we were freezing when we woke up today. This made it very hard to move or get going. So we hung out for a while, spent time on our laptops, drank coffee, and took naps.

Then as we were leaving, on our drive through Sussex we got to see some of their murals, which are wonderful renditions of times past. Sussex is the mural capital of Canada. They have 24 huge murals around town, like a year round outdoor art gallery. Very cool.

We then drove west on highway 1, the scenic drive along the coast, with plenty of rolling hills, green fields, lakes, and streams. There are lots of hills pretty much everywhere you drive. If you are not going up, then you’re going down, can’t really use the cruise control much around these parts.

We made it to St. Andrews before nightfall. We drove around town and ended up at the beach. We were lucky to find a picnic area right on the water where we stopped for the night. We were parked just a few feet from the water and this place is absolutely gorgeous. At one end of the beach we could see the last of the sunset, and at the other end, the moon reflected on the water. Truly magnificent.

We thought we would want to bbq tonight but it was too cold to be outside, so we just enjoyed the view from inside.

There is a Kiwanis campground here right on the water, which looks very nice, and the prices seem reasonable. If you are ever in the area, check out St. Andrews. It is a lovely town, right on the New Brunswick coast, not far from Maine.

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Pete & Kate said...

Thanks for the tip of the Kiwanis campground in St. Andrews...It has been duly noted for next summer.