Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The world needs more Canada

The weather was lovely today if a bit chilly. The sun was shinning and it made us very happy that we could finally get going again.

We went straight to Le Pays de la Sagouine, which is about two minutes from the Bouctouche visitor center.

Le Pays de la Sagouine is a very small island recreated to represent a story in a very popular book of Acadian folklore, about an old woman who cleaned houses. The island itself was very charming and the little village shows how things used to be. All this was very interesting to Bernie whose grandmother is from Nova Scotia and who probably experienced some of this history herself. www.sagouine.com

We then drove to Shediac where we saw the world's largest lobster. It attacked Bernie and tried to eat her (see pic). We looked around in the little shops. Shediac is the lobster capital of the world but it was too early for dinner so we kept driving. We headed to Prince Edward Island.

We stopped at the visitor center that is located right before the bridge. A few interesting things happened there. Bernie went down to the water and under the bridge to take pictures of the bridge and the water. This is quite an impressive bridge. Then when we went back into the visitor center we discovered that the toilets are very eco friendly. The toilets are just a big hole, there is no flushing, they don’t use any water or chemicals (see pic). Very interesting, and no, there is no smell.

Then as we were leaving a gentleman approached us and asked for a ride across the bridge. His name is Bill and he races horses, he had been waiting for over an hour for the shuttle that was running late, and he needed to get to the racetrack soon. He had his jockey uniform with him, he just needed a ride to the shuttle drop off on the other side and said he would pay us the fare he would have paid the shuttle. Mar said no, Bernie said yes, so we gave him a ride. But as we got there he jumped out and didn’t pay us like he said he would. Oh well, at least we get brownie points for the good deed of the day.

Next we went to the visitor center, where we got maps and some good info about local stuff to do. Then we drove to Charlottetown.

The drive there was very nice, PEI is very picturesque with charming houses and buildings, rolling hills, and pretty much nothing else.

Once we got to Charlottetown we were back in civilization. We saw every kind of fast food place, a Home Depot, a Walmart, and lots of other stores and businesses. We saw a bookstore called Indigo so we decided to stop in for a bit. The back wall of the store is red and in big letters it says "The World Needs More Canada" (see pic). Then we drove to Staples to park for the night and use their wi-fi so we could post this blog.

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