Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pink clouds

Today we woke up in New Brunswick, it was terribly windy all night and today was quite chilly.

We headed to the Fundy Trail, the scenic route where you get to drive along the New Brunswick coast with the Bay of Fundy visible from the road. The view is absolutely gorgeous.

Our first stop was the Hopewell Rocks. However, once we got there the park ranger informed us that the park would be closing in half an hour, at 5 pm. But to our relief she said we could park outside the gate, hike in, and stay as long as we wanted. At our own risk, of course.

That is exactly what we did, and a lot of other people did too. We had to hike about 800 yards to get to the part they call the flowerpots. These rocks are amazing, it is almost like another planet. You get to walk on the ocean floor at low tide. How incredible. It is hard to describe the beauty of the colors and textures of the sand, sea, seaweed, and rocks.

When we left there, we went back to driving the Fundy Trail. All of a sudden we were going up and down mountains, more up than down actually. We took a look at the map and we were in a state park, with beautiful lakes and trails.

Then evening came and with it the turning of the sky into night. This was a truly spectacular sunset. The top of the clouds were light blue, and the underside was a bright pink. There is no other color to describe it, the clouds were pink. Truly awe inspiring.

We drove to Sussex NB, where we decided to spend the night behind the Irving gas station, when we discovered there was wi-fi accessible here.

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Eric said...

I'm so happy you made it to Hopewell - the 'flowerpots' are truly amazing! Pictures never do the scale or textures justice. I have fond memories of the smell as you hike through the cedar forest to get to the stairs, too. Also, be thankful it was a clear evening as you drove through Fundy - my dad and I drove through in the thickest fog I'd ever seen - it wasn't until we drove back through that we realized how close we were to driving off cliffs! See you soon!