Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fire in the water

Today it was time to say goodbye to Salem MA. It was hard but we said our goodbyes to Sean and Eric. Eric gave Bernie some nice writing journals. Bernie writes short stories and is always looking for notebooks.

After driving through a maze of tunnels as we left Boston, we then drove to Providence RI, about an hour and a half away. We went to see WaterFire, an annual free event with lots of locals and vendors. WaterFire is a sculpture installed on the three rivers of downtown Providence, with one hundred sparkling bonfires lit by hand one by one, the scent of wood smoke, the flickering firelight, the firetenders passing by on boats, and enchanting music from around the world being piped along the entire river.

After this peaceful and relaxing event we headed to meet a friend from one of our online rv groups. Eileen lives in Falls River MA about 20 minutes away. She is a delightful woman who offered us her driveway. Eileen lives in a narrow city street and her house has no street frontage. We had to get Bella in through her neighbor’s very narrow driveway and back her up all the way to Eileen’s front yard. What and adventure but at least we didn’t hit anything (this time :-)

When we went inside, Eileen was kind enough to fill our glasses with white wine and play the piano for us. Thank you Eileen! Then we hooked Bella up to power and water and headed in for the night.

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